Abby L Aldrich
Bookkeeper for Freelancers, Graphic Designers and Artists


I help freelancers, graphic designers and artists get back to doing what they love! Running a business takes hard work and dedication. I work with the creative type because, well to be honest, I am not that type!!! 

I am left-brained: detailed, analytical and methodical- which is why I am a bookkeeper!! This is also why I work with the right-brained population: creative, artistic, a dreamer of sorts! It is an amazing complementary business relationship.

When you have a freelance or creative type business it is because you want to use your gift of creativity and your independent nature to make a living. You definitely do not want to spend your creative time doing something you despise, like keeping the books. Doing the books and getting ready for taxes takes time and attention to detail and, to you, is probably boring if we’re being honest!!!

However, I sure don’t feel this way about bookkeeping. I truly enjoy the details of it, I enjoy the focus it requires, as well as the skill set. 

I have the answer to your struggle of keeping the books. There is a simple solution to the stress you feel about the books. Whether you’ve been trying to keep them up and you just don’t have the time, you’ve tried but you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into,  you haven’t done one bit or record keeping or financial tracking, or if you just straight up don’t want to deal with it at all,  we’ve got you covered!!


If you’re ready to get your time back to dream and create, here is a direct link to my calendar


Also, feel free to call or text if you prefer!!     505-328-7712


I can’t wait to speak with you!